Buffalo Hunting In Australia with Severn Buffalo Hunting Safaris welcomes you to Water Buffalo Hunting Australia in the Northern Territory's Eastern Arnhem Land.

This is one of the last remote Buffalo Hunting Safari Australia locations in the outback wilderness area and truly the destination to find and hunt huge free range wild SCI South Pacific Trophy Buffalo.

Australian Buffalo Hunting Free Range Destination
We were born to hunt. Aldo Leopold, the father of wildlife management, liked to "arrive too early in the marsh" just for "an adventure in pure listening." He wrote that hunting "is not merely an acquired taste; the instinct that finds delight in the sight and pursuit of game is bred into the very fiber of this race - the love of hunting is almost a physiological characteristic....We are dealing, therefore, with something that lies very deep.
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In man’s quest for adventure it is common for hunters to seek different big game, in new found destinations both near and far across the world.

Severn Buffalo Safaris . . . offers both: their hunting concession in Australia’s Eastern Arnhem Land flood plains has it all . . .

Its remote location means Big Trophy Bulls in true unspoilt wilderness and offers up Adventure at every turn with Australia’s only Big Game Bubalus-bubalis (aka) Water Buffalo.

The wild Australian buffalo are more unpredictable and should be treated with caution. They are very large, some weighing nearly a ton.

The Bulls have very thick hides and are covered with mud. They require an adequate rifle, usually .375 H&H caliber and above.

Severn Safaris have the Water Buffalo concession location, the huge free range Bulls and the burning desire and experience to get you a true SCI South Pacific Trophy of a life time . .
Qantas now flies direct from Dallas Texas into Brisbane International Australia.

You can connect with Qantas to Darwin Airport and over night or have a couple of days sight seeing before your Buffalo Hunting adventure of a life time takes you in the The Outback.

You have many options available pre and post hunt to explore Sydney - Cairns
Alice Springs - Qantas have a Multi City Deals available and help for first time flyers with specific needs all available on-line or through your travel agency.
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